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Wipro Interview Reviews



1. About your place

2. Self-intro

3. Hobbies

4. Internship experience

5. Any programming language

6. C++

7. Encapsulation, Abstraction,Inheritance, Overloading

8. Any database? I answered MySQL

9. Normalization, Joins



1.Introduce ur self

2.project explanation (Role, how it helps in real life)

3.Programming languages (I said C and python)

4. Can u tell what u know about python for 5 minutes

5.0ops concept

6. Diff b/w private access specifiers and public access Specifiers

7. What is an array and it’s types

8. Diff b/w static memory allocation and dynamic memory allocation

9. Why ECE to IT?

10. Why do we hire you?

11. Relocation

12. Bond

13. Do you have any questions



Wipro Wilp program:

I think the interview time was 15 min..

The interviewer asked me a lot of questions related to my hobbies technical skills

he asked me basics of c language and hire a common question why should we hire you..?

I kept reading books as my hobbies in my resume so he asked what was the last book you read and what was it’s story…,so we should be well prepared to all the questions based on our resume



1) explain about your projects

2)basic questions of java ex: difference between equals and ==

3)are you ready to relocate

4)about the bond

5) In Wipro interview I showed the output of my projects That’s all



1. Tell me about your self

2. Which language you prefer (I said currently lam taking coaching on java… it is of 2 months and 1 month of the portion has completed)

3. Inheritance

4. Strengths and weakness

5. What will you do if you lost the game?

6. Work from home is better or work from office is better?

7. How will you motivate your team mates ?

8. Ifu lost any match are you ready to face any problems and how will you answer to those questions

9. Are you ready to relocate

10. Are you comfortable with bond Wipro

HR Questions:

1. Tell me about your self

2. Hobbies, strengths and weaknesses

3. Who is your role model and Y?

4. About internship and project

5. Are you ready to relocate

6. Are you comfortable with bond



I’m from eee branch 2020 passout

1.self introduction

2.project in final year (just project)

3.cpga and year pass out

4 ohms law

5 education gap and any backlogs

6.relocate and band

7.he said u will get a call from hr. The interview has done with in 3mnts only.




Tell me about yourself


Why should I hire u

About company

About Time management

What douthink about criticism

How do u define failure nd success

R u ok vth bond

Any Education gaps


1st round written test

2nd tr(basic aptitude questions like average speed,relations…)

manam chepedani batti technical questions like manam java chepte java lone adugutaaru (oops conceptsvariables.constructors..) one simple program


document verification

max tr complete cheste select aipotaam

Wipro Elite interview Review

1. Show ur face for confirmation. (He got to know that I’m inplay ground and logged in through mobile… interviewer was very friendly. ..he didn’t take it serious)

2.Explain projects

3.Go through with your Internship (asI mentioned that I did one internship)

4. which sports you will play

5. How will you relate Team sport and Teamproject (I told regarding coordination)

6. Relocation, bond, any backlogs, Any question for me


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