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TCS Ninja Interview Reviews



L. Asked about my projects and internship, same old questions about what was my role, what were the difficulties I faced

2. As my resume had the majority of projects pertaining to Machine Learning he asked me to name my most used algorithm, | replied logistic

3. Regression, then began a barrage of questions on ML which had a sample of confidence in but he just kept on asking every little detail, even the syntax of some statements in python

4. I would advise you to mention only the projects which you can talk about for at least 15 min



1. Tell me about yourself

2. Which fields are you interested in and why? (I told computer networks)

3. What is a subnet mask? Difference between TCP and UDP? Explain TCP IP protocol.

4. Tell us about your projects

5. What are your hobbies?

6. Are you willing to work night shifts?

7. Are you willing to relocate? The interview lasted for about 15 mins. A lot of questions were related to many projects



1. There are two persons taking the Technical n Managerial round

2. They only asked to me only about my project nothing else

3. My Project is on Big Data, so they e asked me about Big Data, it lasts only 10 minutes after that they proceed me to the HR round

4. In HRround they askedme same questions like -what u know about TCS, the Chairman n HR director’s name, willing to reallocate, strength n weaknesses



1. Tell me about yourself. What is an |P address, what is DHCP, what are the layers in an Osl nmodel

2. Difference between IPV4 and IPV6

3. Difference between linear and non linear data structure, LIFO and FIFO

4. my project, my strengths, and if i had any relocation problem

5. They checked my confidence when I could not answer but this round went well.



1. Introduce Yourself With Your Complete Technical Details

2. Tell me about your project? I answer it and explain different modules of my project. as my project is live so i mention link of my projecť in my explanation

3. Are you working on any project? I answer it and explain basic details of my current project

4. As you are from CSE Background. Which programming language you know answer C, C**, Java, Python

5. Rate yourself in each programming language on scale of 5 I rate myself



1) How are you?

2) 1guess you ate your lunch? Have u? I said no , then he ásked

3) What did you eat for breakfast?

4) introduce yourself?

5) What language you are familiar with?

6) tell me what subject are there in open elective your academics? *Data structures “Python

7) What is data structures?



1. Self-introduction

2. Difference betweenC and C++

3. Exception handling

4. Difference between throw and throws

5. What isa database

6. What are computer networks

7. How can you connect 2 computers using networks

8. SDLC Iife cycle

9. Deployment phase in SDLC

10. How Requirement analysis can be done




1. Tell Me About Your Self

2. Have You Done any Projects

3. In Sql What is DDL, DML etc

4. Delete,Truncate, Drop

5. In Java Oops Concepts and Advantages

6. difference between EQ and equal?

7.Is python Case Sensitive or Not

8. Did We use Main Function in Python

9. What is Pass In Python



TR and MR: proof

2. self-introduction

3. explanation of palindrome logic


5.why IT

6. Oops concepts

7. Difference between C and C++




1. Introduction

2. Then asked me about programing language, told c++ and python

3. He asked me opps and its concepts

4. Why IT he asked from Mechanical department

5. Asked about my project

HR Round: These were basic relocation. bond, time and asked to share screen and show my results



1.Hello dear. Introduce yourself including your GPAs in 10th, plus 2 and btech (I mentioned my branch MME)

2.what is MME? (metallurgical and materials engg)

3.why are you trying to come towards software? Your branch is very rare. What’s the reason for choosing IT?

4.What languages do you know? I said: as l’m from non CS background I know only C language.

5. Can you write programs by your own?

6.what is the syntax if C and explain it?

7.what are headerfiles.?

8. Explain different datatypes and uses.

9. What do you know about machine learning?

10. Why are you not going through your branch? some subjects of your branch( corrosion, heat treatment etc)

12. Narratte heat treatment for 2 minutes.

13. What are the daily life applications of guenched product (MME qstn)

14. Why polythene does not rust?

15. Let me come back to technical questions. What is IOT?

16.explain pointers.

17.what is cloud computing?

18. You said you know only C language.



1. Self-introduction

2. project description Technologys used in ur project, Questions related to ur project

3. Difference between c and java Pointers, Arrays.

4.Difference btw arrays and pointers

5. Y python is more secured than other languages

6. What is the Difference blw java and python

7. SDLC phases

8. When you want to placre a restaurant what is ur requirements explain

9. If ur selected in tes how can u update ur self




1, Why Should We Hire you

2. Have You Know Anything about TCS

3. What are the Recent Projects That Are Taken By TCS

4. A Question about Reallocation like..If You are From South And Job was In North States How Do You Adapt To That Culture

5. Share Your Opinion On TCs Calling Their Associates and Employees To Work From Office


1. What is your Weakness

2. How do You Overcome Your Weakness

3. Importance of Team and How Do You Contribute to your Team



HR round:

1.ID verification

2. asked about sensors

3.if you got offer from TCS at the same tinme if u get the better offer. than TCS from other organisation but the package is doubledthan what we are offering.then which one you choose?

4.where do you see yourself five years from now 5.any questions




1.Introduce yourself

2.About project

3.What difficulties you faced in project

4.What was your role in project

5.How did you overcome your difficulties in project

6.Did u had any conflicts in project?If yes then how did you get rid of that ?

7.Which programming language you are comfortable with?(l said Java)


8.How do you rate yourself in that ?(l said 6)

9.what is variable and how can we declare a variable?

10.What can we give as variable name give an example?

11.oops concept?

12.Any offers in hand?(I said wipro wilp but it’s a 5 year bond) Then she asked if tes also has 4 year bond will you join I said it depends on role mam.If the role offered is related to technical then I will go with it but if it is supportrole I won’t.

13.What are the top three companies on your wishlist?


1. Self Introduction

2. Tell me about your project

3.I am mechanical they asked core questions

4. And they ask me basics of Java.

5. Oops concept

6. Basics of SQL

7. d/w primary key and fkey

8. What is protocall

9. What is interface

10. What is #include

11. Duration-nearly-30min


1.Introduce yourself

2.Which language are u comfortable with?

3.Apart from python, do u know any language?

4.Any Certifications ?

5. If you have to write a project code to Hr, Will you directly sent to Superiors ?

6.If your project deadline is today, how will you have conversation with your team leader

7.Why TCS?

8.Why should we hire you?

9.What is TCS

10. What are your Strengths?

11. How dou see yourself in 5 years from now?



Self intro

My project on ML.

Questions on project chal ekuva questions adigaru

Datatypes in python?

Scope in python?

What is pass statement?



Why tcs?

What do you know about tcs?

Why not other companies?

Hobbies releated.

Ready for any shift?

Any other questions?

Tr to me l think you are most intrested in development side. I said yes.


What if you don’t get development role? Are you ok with other roles?If not? Do you leave tcs ?l said fine ,if development side i’m very satisfied.




How are you?

Have you had your lunch?

Tell me about your self?

What are the diffrences b/w ct+ and java?

What are the diffrences b/w c and java?

What is encapsulation?

What is polymorphism?

What are diffrence b/w method overloading and overriding?

What is jdk.jvm.apl.jre?

What is sdlc


Tell me about your self

Why tcs?

What languages do know?

Are you ok with relocation?


1.Explain core java principles

2. Diff between all the 3 languages

3. What is meant by constructor

4. Why only java, why not others

5. Why java is not a 100% object-oriented language

6. Why you choose that project

7. Why you have done diploma instead of 1+2

8. If ur passionate about coding then what is the reason to enter to electronics domain

9. Ready to relocate..?

10. You have enough time to learn other languages too? Why u have not prepared any strong reason


1.Introduce your self briefly.

2. Do you what tcs works for.. In India what type of facilities and to whom they will provide

3.Are you willing to relocate to any region in India rather than hyd

4.What about work timings? Are u ready with them

5. Suppose if ur selected, along with some of your fellow buddies are also selected. We will assign them new projects on data science, Al. and we asks you to work on old methods like pl-sql. Will you work?

6. Apart from tcs as multinational and all those what u know about tcs

7. Which is the biggest bank in India

8. If ur selected! How could you see urself in upcoming years

9. There will be an service agreement of 1 year, you broke need to 50,000/- are you okay with this

10. FinallyI have done from my side if u have any questions you can ask or we can wrap up this call?

11. I asked, How can I build my career in TCS?

12. Can u please share your experience working with TCS

HR: adhaar

2.any gaps backlogs

3.any offers in hand


5.Strengths and weakness

6.Night shift and weekend work ok for you?



1.Self introduction

2.Nenu 2020 passed out. So, ee 1 year em chesav ani adigindi

3.(Nenu civil branch) what made you to choose IT field ani adigindi

4.1 year bond, Relocation . How soon can you relocate


How can you rate yourself in java ante 6/10 ani cheppa

1.00ps concepts

2. Exception handling

3. Final key Sql rating 5/10 ani cheppa

4. Primary key

5. Tables and fields



1.tell me about yourself

2.explain your acdamic project

3.why your doing this project any advantage

4.why java is platform independent

5.wrapper class

6.primitive data types

7.primary key

8. foreign key


10join clause

11.any education gap

Hr, Tr and MR in same pannel.

First Hr:

1.Asked about intro. Only(Where are youfrom, Education background, Family background).

2.Why are you coming into IT. (l am from Mechanical Background). And next she handover to TR.



1.Which language you are comfortable with. (Ans.Python)

She asked any other language.(I said no.) How much you rate yourself in python for out of 10. (i said 5 overconfidence anduku )

2.Which language python is? (She asked this question for 3times in different ways to confuse me) and What are the data structures in python?

3.Difference between Sets and Dictionary?

4. What is_init? 5.Difference between Lists and Tupels?

6.What is Lambda?

7 what is object in python?

8.What is Dictionary?


MR Round:

1.About project?

2.Career Gap in education?

3. About my additional projects?

((have done two responsive websites by using HTML, CSS About those ).





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