Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Mindtree Interview Reviews



1. Ee Mindtree exam nenu previous ga rasenu

2. Salary 2.971pa

3. Mostly networking and software installation ee adugutaru

4. Because they are recruiting us for system support and developer

5. The interview process will be very easy and they will completely focus on networking layers and OS installation also

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1. Self-intro

2. Why you studied in North India or lpu

3. Do you know data structures and algoríthm

4. Should you be asked to write a program on a linked list with each node containing your friend’s name and u should be able to search for your friend’s name in the linked list?

5. What is static and is class can be static?

6. Polymorphism

7. Runtime Polymorphism vs Compile time

8. Do you know any databases?


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