Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

LTI Interview Reviews



Technical Round :-



Oops concepts

Hirerechial in heritance

Heep Memory

Logical Operators

What Technology use in auto pilot cars


About project

What is the role that we played in project

Any certification courses are done or not

Do You work in under pressure



1. Self-introduction

2.(He asked me about technical skills) Isaid basics of C and oops concept

3.If I gave you 1-10 nmbrs then how will you identify whether it is even or odd just tell me the logic

4.What is array, stack with examples

5. Polymorphism, encapsulation, object vth real time examples

6. Palindrome

Hr round:

1 Self-introduction

2. How flexible you are to work with us

3. Why LTI

Any questions for me?


Tell me about yourself.

“Which language you are comfortabile(I said python) *

What is list, tupple and their differences?

Features of python?

*Why python language is a trending language?

What is slicing.

About final year project and questions about it.

“About my certification and questions on it.

Toughest challenge you have faced in your life?

How did you overcome that?

If you have given mumbai location, how you will manage there, what you gonna face in mumbai?

How many languages you know?

*Tell me something about LTI.



Tell me about yourself?

About LTI Company and it’s share value?

About my certifications

Why you want this job?

Why you prefer LTI over other companies,

what makes you unique to choose LTi?

About my college. *Year gaps and some general questions, like marks sheets, passing year.

*Youhave any questions for me?


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