Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Overview of SAP CPI Cloud Platform Integration

In this course, you will :

  • Gain an understanding of SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI).
  • Recognize the various types of SAP Cloud Services.
  • Adapter Types in SAP CPI.
  • The distinction between SAP CPI and SAP PO.

Syllabus :

1. Overview of SAP Cloud Service Models

  • Types of Cloud Service Models
  • What is Integration PaaS?

2. Types of Integration Scenarios

  • On Premise Integration with SAP PO
  • On Premise to Partner Integration with SAP PO
  • On Premise to Cloud Integration with CPI
  • Cloud to Cloud Integration with CPI
  • Future State Integration Architecture (Hybrid)

3. What is SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI)?

  • What is SAP CPI?
  • Concepts in SAP CPI
  • Integration Usage Options

4. Adapters Supported in SAP CPI

  • Walkthru of SAP CPI Adapters


  • Miss Conception with SAP CPI
  • Comparison of SAP CPI vs SAP PO

6. Prepacked Integration Content

  • What is Prepacked Integration Content?
  • Demo: Walkthru of Prepacked Integration Content

7. CPI Development Tools

  • Walkthru of SAP CPI Development Tools

8. Cost and License of SAP CPI

  • Understanding the Cost Model of SAP CPI
  • Demo: Calculating the SAP CPI Access with Pricing Tool

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