Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

DXC Interview Reviews



1. Introduce yourself

2. Being an ECE student why do you want to work in IT?

3. What are loops?

4. What are class and object

5. Is c object-oriented or structured-oriented?

6. What are pointers?

7. Syntax of for loop

8. How do you create an object?



Mechanical Branch{Associate Software Engineer role )

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Explain ur project

3. What’s the biggest achievement

4. What are ur technical skills

5. What do you know about DXC technology

6. About Hobbies

7. Mandatory questions like willing to relocate, night shift are comfortable, gap in studies, any backlogs.



1. They asked me which language is comfortable I told C language sir

2. Tell me anything in C I explained about Class, objects, strings

3. Sir asked me multitasking & multi threading

4. Sir asked me will you relocate I told yes

5. He asked basic questions like where are you from your cgpa, passedout year all those

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