Sat. May 18th, 2024

Cognizant (GenC) Interview Reviews



1. Tell me about yourself

They are goggling questions and asking for non it branches

2. what is stress?

3. what is a strain?

4. what are Hooke’s law and elasticity?

5. Tell me about your project

6. why it is a mech?

7. what is a pump, radiator, and the difference between heat and temperature WHICH LANGUAGES YOU ARE SPECIALIZED IN I TOLD PYTHON HE ASKED ME

8. what is the difference between C and python?

9. write a program to reverse the string

10. Any questions for me

11. My interview lasted about 50 min



1)Tell me about yourself

2)write a program to swap two numbers with and without using 3rd variable

3)2 aptitude questions time:4min

4)about collections in java

5)and some basic and intermediate questions of java ex: does main method can overload or not etc.



1.Self introduction

2.l’m 19 passed out so he asked gap in these 2 years

3.About project

4.Aptitude questions

5. Swapping of 2 numbers program

6.About Inheritance and example

7.l’m ECE student and interviewer asked most of the questions in Electronics

8.any subject in B.Tech you can select and tell me something in 5 min



Final year project

Difference between cand c++

Difference between array and structure

6 aptitude questions

Latest technologies you know

Explain about cloud computing

About Classes and objects

Oops concepts(if you mention you know c++)

Any questions?


1. Self introduction

2. About project

3. Detail about project

4.Zeroth law

5. Fav subject I told strength of materials

6. Definition of fraction point Yield strength point

7. Any programming language java I had

8. Tell me abt java

9. Hands coding on find prime number, Explain logic

10.3 aptitude questions

11.2 questions on missing series

12.1 question on percentages


Cognizant (elevate)  INTERVIEW REVIEWS:

1. Introduce yourself

2. Projects overview And asked to share screen and show working of project

3. Asked comfortable language told python

4. So my interview was completely on python

5. They asked complete python from basic to advanced

6. Asked about recent technologies

7. And at last why cognizant


Cognizant (GenC) Developer INTERVIEW REVIEWS:

1. written (which mostly concentrate on profit loss, time nd work, train, series, average and rest of all topics covered like analytical + reasoning)

2. round 2 TR take less than a day to prepare tech round mainly focus on oops+ DS + loops concepts

3. if u python go wid python and explained

4. self-intro which mainly focus on ur projects and ur stuffs

5. do well behave in ur TR bezthey noticed ur attitude and behavior hardly take 25-30 mints

7.nxt rnd will be HR they nothing asked bt ur certificate verification will be done On that day!!!

8.they asked have u done ur vaccination? Have u reallocated?

9.which location will be prefer?

10.u know any foreign language?

11.and they discuss abt disclaimer abt cognizant! That’s it!!


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