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Accenture Interview Reviews



Accenture Interview Questions asked First Thana introduction cheppadu .. role, experience ..etc…Then asked these..

1. Self Introduction

2. Project

3. Challenges faced in Project

4. Which Language was used and why choose that Project?

5. Area of interest

6. Any Certification in Languages u mentioned in ur resume?

7. How to handle the hardest situations?

8. Packages used in Python



1.self introduction?

2.about projects(mini and final year project)

3.about my role in project?

4.difference between c and python

5. about oops concepts? And explain

6.what is dbms and its types?

7.types of keys and expiain them

8. questions on activities?

9. about internships?



1. Tell me about your self

2. What is ur favourite dish

3. Are you veg or non vegetarian

4.what is ur favourite movie and tell that story. did you spend the time in lockdown.

6.About project.

7. What is page creation in java.

8.what is push and pop.

9.what is normalisation.

10. Pointers concepts.

11. What is serialisation.

12.what is primarily key. u have any questions.



1. Introduction

2.Project Asked many questions about project

3. My role in project

4. Difficulties faced

5. Tell me a situation where your idea worked

6. You were given a situation where you need to develop a function which you don’t have any idea and have 6 months….in another situation you need to develop a function which you have idea and given 3 months time.what would you choose and why?

7. Your inspiration

8. Where do you see yourself after5 years?

9. Your least fayourite subject and how did you overcame that subject?

10. How would be your approach to learn a new course or function? 4

11. What will you do if one member in your team works well and another member does not work well?

12. What do your friends describe about you?

13. Your strengths

14.technical skills you learnt recently?

15. Any questions from your side?

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