Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

1. About myself
2.Complete details about family background
3.Recent work experience
4.Extra curricular activities in btech
(Nothing related to technical or project)

They just asked general questions
1) tell me about yourself
2) explain your project
3)what are the issues faced during project
4)what technology is used in your project
5) strength and weekness
6) how do you overcome stress? Have you ever experienced this kind of situation
7) talk about any topic or current affairs for 1-2 minutes
8)what do you know about Accenture
9)where do you want to see yourself in next 2 years

That’s it. And he asked me if I had any questions. I asked him some casual questions about company and work .

And asked me to explain one project which i like the most from my resume
And asked about Sri Chaitanya schools 🙂
Asked do i know sri chaitanya fees for iit orientation
That’s all

Like firstly they ask to introduce about yourself
Then they ask what all projects have you done
Which project do you like among all your projects
Explain about project
How was the team work in your project if it is a group project
How will you manage if you are the leader for your project
What other changes you can implement in your project in future
And lastly if you have any queries about the role or company. !!
That’s it about my interview

I have completed my Accenture interview today

1) Self intro
2)What are the projects you have done
3)Can u explain brief about your project
4)What the Modules you have used in your project
5)What is ur role in project and size of team members
6)what are the challenges you have faced during project
7)How you overcome them
8)Why Accenture?
9)Short term nd long term goal


And the questions I was asked about
1.self introduction
2.branch background and why I’ve chosen IT field
4. Few general questions based on my hobbies
5. What you know about Accenture
6. Accenture CEO
7. Accenture head quarters
8. Accenture Indian CEO
9. Accenture locations in India
That’s it

My accenture interview experience..
1.she asked to introduce myself
2.About my final year project
3.Is it group project ?
4.Is there any situation in your life that anyone motivated you so that it helped you very much?
5.Do you gave any suggestions to anyone that helped in there career?
6.what is your role in your project?
7.which language is better C or Python why?
8.what do you learn from your project?
9.Any questions you want to ask me?
And really it’s a very nice experience, and too good

I have completed my accenture interview on july1st
The questions asked me are:-
Tell about yourself
What is your final year project explain
Did you face any difficulties while doing your project
If u were a team lead and you have 2 mem in your team if they wont help you to complete the given project then what you do?
What are your career goals
What are your strength and weakness
The interview went very well

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